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Go check the thing out! And donate at least $1. Want a game with a canon female lead? Go donate!

Reasons to get excited about this video game:

  • Female main character (you can choose to play as a male version, like in Mass Effect/Dragon Age, but the character is canonically female)
  • Sensible armor for said female lead
  • Hazewalking is like playing with portals in a dark fantasy realm
  • It has demos for Windows, Mac, and Linux 
  • The art style reminds me of a gorgeous love child of Dragon Age and Diablo III. 
  • It is being produced by an independent studio — support your local indie games!
  • My friend is on the production team, and I can personally vouch for the long hours of hard work he has put into making this game high-quality. It’s a good investment.

Please consider supporting this game with a donation — even just $1 will help! — and please like and reblog. If this game is successful, not only will it help put a good indie studio on the map and let them produce more games in the future, but it will also show that games with female leads can and do perform well in the market — something the big studios like Ubisoft clearly don’t understand. It’s worthy project to support and I would appreciate it if my followers could help it get on its feet with a big signal boost!

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